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    Stacked bar chart(stacked by measure) with measures side by side with over laid line plots

    Aritoki Jiterika



      I am trying to create following visualization with six measures and a week column. I have three metrics from this year and last year as columns. ty_metric1, ly_metric1, ty_metric2, ly_metric2, ty_metric3, ly_metric3. I want to represent metrics 1 and 2 in the form of bars, i want to show ly_metric1 and ly_metric2 as a stacked bar and ty_metric1 and ty_metric2 as another stacked bar. Both the bars should be next to each other. On top of these bars, i want to draw line plots for ty_metric3 and ly_metric3. my week column should be on the x axis. Metric3 is a % value, where as Metric1 and Metric2 are count numbers, not percentages.  I have all the metrics as columns in my data feed.I can't attach the packaged workbook as i am not supposed to share this information. Any help is greatly appreciated.


      Thank You