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    getFiltersAsync() JS API call gives Internal Server Error when filter Auto Update is disabled

    Peter Kosztolanyi

      I'm using Tableau Online, currently on 10.5 and trying to get the list of filters from a worksheet by the Javascript API.


      When Enable Auto Update is set for the filters there are no issues however when the auto update is disabled for filters the getFiltersAsync() function throws an 500 (Internal Server Error) exception.


      * My code is:

         tableauViz.getWorkbook().getActiveSheet().getFiltersAsync().then(function(filters) { console.log(filters); });


      * I can see this on JS console:

          POST https://dub01.online.tableau.com/vizql/t/[mysite]/w/TrackingIntegrity2/v/DailyTimeline/sessions/695062844D94464EBBBF38E4CBB25AF6-0:0/commands/tabsrv/get-filter-info

          $BaseSessionCommandHandler: Command 'get-filter-info' (namespace: 'tabsrv') encountered error: '

          TableauException: INTERNAL ERROR


          2018-02-19 22&#x3a;15&#x3a;03.099



      And this only happens if the Filters Auto Update option is disabled. What does the filter auto update actually mean? What is the impact on the dashboards?