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    Matching rows of columns

    alya brown


      I'm currently having an issue getting Tableau to recognize that two columns of data match.


      i can't attach the workbook because it's financial data, however- here is an example of whats happening after i use the formula:


      "If [forecasted account code] != [Billed account code] Then "1"

      Else "0"



      If i filter by "1" to show any account that doesn't match- it is not filtering out people that have multiple lines.

      of data sets which have been joined using alteryx:


      eg of data sets joined:



      NameForecast account Code NameBilled account code
      Bob Green456789 Bob Green456789
      Jim Brown 335566 Jim Brown 335566
      Jim Brown 445566 Jim Brown 123456
      Peter Parker456789 Peter Parker567891
      Arya Stark123458 Arya Stark123458
      Matt Damon558998 Matt Damon558998
      Matt Damon123456 Matt Damon558987


      Result in Tableau after using formula to show account codes that didn't match:


      NameForecast account CodeBilled account code
      Jim Brown 335566123456
      Peter Parker456789567891
      Matt Damon123456558987



      notice "Jim Brown's" account codes match for one line but not the other, however both are appearing in Tableau as "not matching"


      let me know if this is sufficient information!


      Thanks in advance for anyone's help/ideas!