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    Tableau Server Downgrade

    Bogdan Amarghioali

      I’m trying to restore a back-up from Tableau 10.4.3 to Tableau 10.1.7, to test whether I can rollback if something goes wrong. The restore fails on building search index.


      ===== Building search index

        *** Error during restore: MultiCommand::ReportableError 'com.tableausoftware.domain.exceptions.SearchServiceException: An error occurred rebuilding

      the search index. Make sure all Tableau-related files and windows are closed, then stop the server, run "tabadmin reindex", and start the server again

      . (errorCode=200002)'


      I tried to manually rebuild the index, but it fails whatever I do.


      Is it possible to restore a back-up from a recent version of Tableau (10.4.3) to an older version of Tableau Server (10.1.7), or how should we manage a rollback scenario?