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    Tableau Server Downgrade

    Bogdan Amarghioali

      I’m trying to restore a back-up from Tableau 10.4.3 to Tableau 10.1.7, to test whether I can rollback if something goes wrong. The restore fails on building search index.


      ===== Building search index

        *** Error during restore: MultiCommand::ReportableError 'com.tableausoftware.domain.exceptions.SearchServiceException: An error occurred rebuilding

      the search index. Make sure all Tableau-related files and windows are closed, then stop the server, run "tabadmin reindex", and start the server again

      . (errorCode=200002)'


      I tried to manually rebuild the index, but it fails whatever I do.


      Is it possible to restore a back-up from a recent version of Tableau (10.4.3) to an older version of Tableau Server (10.1.7), or how should we manage a rollback scenario?




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          Donna Coles

          HI Bogdan


          If you were working with minor increments of Tableau Server such as restoring v10.4.3 to v 10.4.1 you'd be OK, but it isn't possible to do this across major version changes, just as it isn't possible to publish from a v10.4 Desktop to a v10.1 server.  There are too many features introduced that aren't backward compatible.  THis article has more info - Workbook Version Compatibility


          It might be with the recent changes in the v10.5 release that allows you to save back to an earlier version of Desktop (v10.2+ though), that this may well change with server backups.


          Our approach when managing an upgrade is we take a full backup prior to upgrade and in the event we need to downgrade, we will restore the original backup.  The downside here is any content changes on the server post upgrade will be lost.  We try to keep the transtion window very small and set user expectations, discouraging much activity during this time.



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            Jeff Strauss

            Ditto to everything that Donna just said.

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              Toby Erkson

              Ditto on the ditto

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                Bogdan Amarghioali

                Hi Donna,


                Thank you for the clarification.



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                  Nawras Abureehan

                  Hi Donna,

                  when you say Restore the backup, do you mean just restore or do you have to uninstall the current version, install the older version then restore?

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                    Donna Coles

                    Hi Nawras


                    If you're downgrading, you'll need to uninstall the currrent version, re-install the version you want to downgrade back to and then restore the backup you took prior to starting the upgrade process.




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                      Nawras Abureehan

                      Thank you for the quick reply Donna!


                      To clarify, if I still have the previous version installed, do I need to only uninstall the current version without reinstalling the previous version? or do I still need to reinstall it?


                      Also, do I actually even need to uninstall the current version? is there a way to use another version without uninstalling the current one? sounds to me this is fair to say, but never done it before so curious on this.


                      Thanks again,


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                        Donna Coles

                        Hi Nawras

                        Slightly confused about what you mean when you say you have a previous version installed...  I've upgraded a PoC server we have multiple times, and I can see files in the Windows Expolorer folder structure that relate to previous versions, but actually only 1 instance (the latest one) exists if I check the 'add/remove programs' feature on the server.  I don't think you can have multiple instances of Tableau Server running on the same server, but this just might be a misunderstanding by me and how our current set up is...



                        My assumption is that to be safe, you will need to uninstall the current version (10.4.3) and then reinstall the previous version (10.1.7) to get the server back running as a 10.1.7 instance, and then apply the restore.  I think if you just try to install the 10.1.7 back over the top of 10.4.3, it would error, as it would think you're trying to 'upgrade' and will detect a later version than what you're trying to install.


                        Apologies for my vagueness.  I've never had to actually do a 'rollback' and I'm not actually allowed to touch our main servers when we do upgrades on prod.  I have colleagues in our Infrastructure team who manage all this, and are much more knowledgeable about how the servers & applications work.  My primary role is server admin from a UI point of view, and I come from more of a development background than infrastructure & networks.