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    Table calulations

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      I should have view like below.

      I need to show the Sub category % of sales by Ship Mode.


      But tricky requirement is, i need to show the % only for Second  Class and Standard Class and in the Grand total i need to show total's of all. but in the % i need to show the summation % of Second  Class and Standard Class.


      Required Result should be like below.


      But i am trying and adding Row Grand totals, it showing for all like below.

      But i want to restrict the % of columns for second and standard class and in the % row Grand totals want to show the sum of the % of second and Standard classes only.


      Can any one please help me how to do that??

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          I broke this into 2 pieces - you can do it in 1


          First I limited the % calculation to the 2 ship modes with this


          I then used that calculation is the one below to provide a summation in the grand total row


          it returns this





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            Prajval T

            Hi Jim,


            Sorry to say this, i didn't get anything from your solution.


            I tried with calculation like restricting to for some columns like First Class and Sam Day.


            The main requirement is i need sum up the % of Second Class and Standard Class in the Grand total Columns like below.