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    Filtering based on response to a survey question?

    Monica Rysavy

      Hello! I am working on setting up a worksheet that shows responses to survey questions. I'd like those with permission set to "interactor" in Tableau server to be able to filter based on the responses to other questions. For example, in the attachment, if someone chose "Definitely Yes" or "Probably Yes" for the first question, then the other questions would update with the responses that were selected for everyone who felt that way about the first question


      Could you suggest how to do this, please? I'm very new to Tableau, but am good at following directions! :-) I've done some searching and came across conditional filters with category parameters but am stuck figuring out how to set this up or if it's an appropriate way of doing so.


      Once I figure this out I'm going to teach my research students how to do this as well. We are learning Tableau together! Thank you for your help.


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          I'm not sure if this quite got there, but maybe it can give an idea.

          I think it is along the lines of what you were looking at with conditional filters.


          Firstly, I've arranged the mock data as a pivot so that each row is just

          one subject's response to one question. Is that feasible for your data?

          What is your type of datasource?


          Using your example, the user selects "Definitely yes" and "Probably yes" for Question1,

          and subjects that responded that way for Question 1 are kept in the table.

          A Level of Detail calculation is used to fix the Question1 response to the Subject:

          { FIXED [Subject]:MAX( IF [Question]="Question1" THEN [Response] END ) }


          This is then placed on the filter shelf and is applied to the aggregated total table.


          I put in a scaffold so that all possible responses would always show. The reason why is that

          in my mock dataset, if I select a Question1 response only of "Definitely not", there are no

          "Probably yes" responses for any question, so I didn't want that to drop out of the total table.

          This is accomplished by joining the PossibleResponse table with the SurveyDataTable on

          a Key of "1" and then using a response flag:

          IF [Possible Reponses]=[Response] THEN 1 ELSE 0 END


          Please see the attached workbook and datasource in the Forum Thread.



          On a general note, you may have already seen this, but I'd highly recommend Steve Wexler's

          visualization work for Surveys:

          How to Visualize Sentiment and Inclination | Tableau Software