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    logical expression using measure

    karuna patel

      not sure how should i do this. i am attaching the worksheet as well. i have Total$ field in the attached worksheet which is the ordertotal.


      i have a ordertotal amounts(total$). and i need to create multiple tiers such as. ordertotal is measure,even if i convert that to discreate it does not work.


      scenario is if ordertotal is between  1 and 5$ shipping rate is 6$

                         if ordertotal is between 5 and 10$ shipping rate is $6

                         if ordertotal is between 11 and 25$ shipping rate is $7


      i am using below is givng me an error:



      case  [Total$] when '1' and '5' then [6]


      when '5' and '10' then [6]

        when '11' and '25' then [7]

        when '25' and '50' then [8]

        when '75' and '100' then [9]

      else NA END


      please help me establish the correct calculated field. thank you so much in advance.