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    java.lang.NullPointerException ...or "the invisible error of dread"

    Toby Erkson

      Yesterday at noon I got several alerts that some extracts failed and the error was java.lang.NullPointerException.  The failing extracts were on a 15 minute schedule so they were (are) happening every...single...time    Checking data sources showed that they were able to connect so it wasn't a driver or credentials issue.  Not all extracts by the authors were failing nor was it any particular data source (IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, and Excel happened to be the ones).  I did a thorough search of all the logs and the error showed up a couple of times in the past but nothing for the present!  What the heck?!


      I checked in with the VM platform team to see if any changes were made to my environment.  Nope.  So yesterday I sent off a support ticket to Tableau Support for help.  This morning additional alerts showed that a couple other User's extract were experiencing the same issue   Someone just freakin' shoot me


      This morning while working with one of my Users we found that if the offending workbook is republished the issue goes away for that particular extract i.e. it extracts successfully.  It's a work-around but certainly not desirable to force upon all Users as a fix!


      Server environment:


      Upgraded from 1-node to 2-nodes on 11Feb2018.

      Everything was working fine before and after the upgrade, yesterday was the first issue we've had.


      Updates to follow