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    String Lists

    Theodore Floros



      I am working on displaying meeting data for community workshops so that the tooltip includes the Issues brought up within each geographic area (either County or US Congressional Districts).


      I am struggling to get the string list coding to work properly. I got it to display 3 of the issues but can't seem to get it to display the full list

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Theodore,


          You'll probably need to extract your data for anyone to be able to extract the workbook you attached.  That said, I noticed you are using 10.4 and Viz in tooltip might be a great solution to the challenge in 10.5:

          Viz in Tooltip


          Given that it sounds like there are multiple workshop value per county or congressional district, you would be showing a more detail granularity in the tooltip.  This might be easiest by setting up the details in a seperate worksheet and using the viz in tooltip to help users filter down to the selection to show different granularity for your main visualization vs the tooltip information.