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    Top N not working correct when connecting to SSRS cube

    dinesh punnam

      Hello All,


      I am connecting to SSRS cube/live connection  and it has limited functionalities -


      Task : I have to have sales office , Yoy % Avg rate and yoy % CPM rate on teh report and advertiser name is driving the top N selector and this shouldn't be in report.


      Problem : Tableau is getting top N for each sales office ( advertiser can be in all the sales office ) then showing same advertisers in each sales office - The issue here is  the issue here is I am getting all the advertiser names even though they have null revenue in other sales office ( In Brazil squirrel global media has some revenue but where as in Argentina it has zero ). The problem in order to see top 10 advertisers  I have to put  Top 90 ( 9 sales offices * 10 top ) in the parameter.


      How do I get rid of the advertisers with no revenue and connect to my Top N parameter. Please let me know if you need any additional info in this regards




      Tried adding formula Calculation 2

      IF ISNULL([Gross  Revenue])

      THEN  0 ELSE 1 END


      but this is not helping me to remove the advertisers with null gross revenue in each sales office.