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    Up or Down Arrow for previous month comparison

    Michael Adeyemo

      Hello All


      I would like to be able to accomplish 3 things and hoping I can get some help here.


      1. I would like to be able to have an up or down arrow next to the values in the view depending on if the current value has increased or decreased when compared to the previous month. So for location CY for example, if the value is 5.26% is for February 2018 and January's value was lower, I would like to be able to show an upward indicator beside February's value.


      2.  In the same vein as above, I would like to be able to also show the values by color, so again if Februarys value for CY is higher than the previous month, then I would like to value to be in blue color and if lower then the value will be in red.


      3.  Finally, per the attached workbook, I would like to be able to show the correct % of utilization for each location. What I am finding is that when I filter by date, and only one location for that plan is displayed for that month, the value becomes 100%. I am sure it is simple fix, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance.