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    Connecting Dashboards from a Common Value

    Scott Carman

      Hello all,


      I am trying to figure out what might be the best way to set up/configure a dashboard.


      In the past, I have tried to stack sheets and filter with relevant values.   This worked to a certain degree but was not a 100% solution.  Back to the drawing board for me!


      I think that part of this issue is due to the fact that my company has 5 or 6 lines of business (LOB) and we are trying to offer up the maximum flexibility for the user.  I know that controlling/setting proper expectation's is part of the answer but I wanted to exhaust all possibilities before I have to go there.


      What I want to do is from our opening dashboard, I want to select a LOB like SALES.  I imagine this being a parameter control.


      Once a value is selected on the opening dashboard, I want that value to "transfer" to the 2nd dashboard and filter the values.  I would continue this same logic until I get to the bottom of the hierarchy of the company.


      An example of this is:


      1. Opening Dashboard - User selects a Company Department = SALES; the value of SALES is passed to Company Department Dashboard.

      2. Company Department  - User selects a Company Unit = AUTOMOTIVE; the value of AUTOMOTIVE is passed to the Company Unit Dashboard.

      3. Company Unit Dashboard - User selects a Company Team = TRUCKS; the value of TRUCKS is passed  to the Company Team Dashboard.

      4. Company Team Dashboard - Only the TRUCKS Team appears.


      Any ideas on how to "connect" dashboards by passing a value from one to another.  To me this sounds like "escaping a string" in VBA, but I am not sure if this can be done or not.


      Thanks in advance for your help and ideas!