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    Oracle Essbase: Dates and Drilling Down on Measures

    Lucas Brito

      I am a first time user of Tableau with Essbase and I am having a few issues along the way.


      1. When placing a dimension on the marks panel, we can drill up or down by using the + icon. The same thing does not happen when using a measure. Is this possible to do in Tableau? Are there any workarounds? From the screenshot below you can see the drill down symbol on the dimension, but not on the measure.



      2. When working with date fields, I have a hierarchy that breaks down Year, Quarter, Month. Is it possible to create a "calculated field" that combines the 3 of them together, so I can show the full value on the view? So instead of breaking it down by 2018, Q1, Feb, i would show 2018-Q1-Feb. Not in this format, just trying to explain the question.



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          Esther Aller

          Hi Lucas,


          1. So I kinda don't think it makes sense to drill down in a measure. Measures are going to be your numeric data (like sales dollars or number of days) and there is no hierarchical relationship between those numbers. If what you want is to see sales for different dimension hierarchy levels, then the drilling down in the dimension hierarchy will also "drill down" in the measure.


          If this isn't making sense to you, maybe you could explain your use case some more?


          2. Oracle Essbase is a cube data source, which means all of the dimensions are baked in when the cube was created. AKA Tableau Desktop can't change the dimensions in a calculated field because then all of the numeric measure data would be wrong. However, you may be able to Format Titles, Captions, Tooltips, and Legends or Format mark labels to get the combined labels you're looking for. Or, you can try Quick Start: Creating Calculated Members with MDX


          Cubes are tricky, hope this helps!