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    compare two dates from two data sources

    Benjamin Rubattel



      I have two reports_


      1. Sales Order and Sales Order Line Report with Quantity Ordered and Scheduled good issue date

      2. Good Issue Report with Quantity issued & real GI Date by Sales Order Lines (there can be multiple good issue for one sales order line so I am looking for the Maximum Real Good Issue Date)


      I am looking to do anayle the below:


      1. If the Quantity Issue = the Quantity Ordered

      2. If the Good Issue Creation Date <= the Expected Good Issue Date


      this is to analyse :


      IF (SUM[Quantity Issued]) = SUM([Quantity Ordered] AND MAX[Good Issue Creation Date]) =< MAX([Expected Good Issue Date]) then 1

      IF ISNULL  (SUM[Quantity Issued]) AND ISNULL MAX([Good Issue Creation Date]) AND MAX([Expected Good Issue Date])<= Today() then 1

      ELSE 0




      Data source attached:




      Thanks for your help