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    Help with comparing pre and post survey data in a worksheet

    Julia Harrigan



      I am working on a project to compare pre and post survey data for a set of users. My problem is that far more users have taken the pre survey than the post survey, and I only want to compare answers for those users who have taken both surveys. Each user has a User ID that is consistent across both surveys. The survey answers are being pulled from the same SQL table and column - for example, the first question in the pre-survey is Question ID 5, and the first question in the post survey is Question ID 55. I am using the question ID to filter out which question to display for each workbook. I have one workbook for the presurvey response, and one for the post survey response, and then I will combine the results in a dashboard.


      What would be the best way to build a filter or calculation that will filter out users from the pre survey who have not completed the post survey?



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          Not sure if this quite got there, but maybe it can give ideas.


          Attached in the Forum Thread is a mock dataset.

          Would be grateful if you would adjust it to more match yours


          Wasn't sure how Users only taking Pre showed up in your table:

          if they didn't have any rows for Post questions, or if they had a null response.


          Regardless, I think this should help discriminate:

          Return the QuestionID if the response if not null [Answered Question]:

          IF NOT(ISNULL([Response])) THEN [Question ID] END


          Then count those returned Question IDs:

          { FIXED [User ID]:COUNT([Answered Question])}


          Then the filter is (in this example should have 10 total questions 5Pre + 5Post):

          [Count Questions Answered]=10