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    Help creating calculated fields

    scott davis

      Hi, How can I create a calculated field for separating a dimension into two? Can I have help creating the formula? My intention is to create a dual axis line chart based on two measures with the same date. Here are the steps I need to take: 1) Split a dimension with 6 attributes into two dimensions. Issues 1-5 as Dimension 'Fault' and Issue 6 as Dimension 'Stow'. 2) Convert the two dimensions to measures. 3) Put date into columns and two measures into rows. This is similar to this post: https://community.tableau.com/thread/151574 Date         Issue 12/20/2018 Issue1 12/21/2018 Issue1 12/22/2018 Issue2 12/23/2018 Issue3 12/24/2018 Issue4 12/25/2018 Issue4 12/26/2018 Issue4 12/27/2018 Issue5 12/28/2018 Issue5 12/29/2018 Issue6 12/30/2018 Issue6 12/31/2018 Issue6