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    Editing Database name on published data source

    Shawkath Khan

      I don't find a way to update the database name on the published data source on the Tableau Server 10.2. We intend to push our workbooks from DEV to QA to PROD server untouched (we are using tabcmd to download and push our workbooks one environment to another). However, there is a situation, the database used for our reporting is not same among these servers.


      DEV DB Name - SALES_DEV

      QA DB Name - SALES_QA



      We are developing the reports for our client's and it's not easy to have the DB names changed. We need to live with the DB names and do our migrations DEV till PROD. If I could figure out a way to change the database name on Tableau server it would be great. I am aware of updating the tds files manually and uploading them back to server. Is there any other way to do this? Please advice.


      Thank you,

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          Matt Lutton

          You can use Tableau Desktop to connect to the "Production" version of your source, and as long as all column names match, use the "Replace Data Source" functionality to go from Dev to Prod.  This may take some effort, but I'm not sure if there's any automated way to do this -- I do not believe there's any way to update multiple workbooks to go from one source to another all in one go.


          Best wishes -- if you find anything else that works, please share with others here!


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