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    Dynamically resize worksheets in dashboard using action filters

    Chris Schafer

      I have a dashboard that uses a simple bar chart to drive all the other visuals. The bar chart is set to "Standard" size so that each customer is represented by a single bar, which allows the end user to easily see and select which customer they want to analyze in more details. My problem is this. When a user filters the dashboard using any of the other worksheets on the dashboard, the bar chart is reduced down to a single bar and doesn't retain the original width and therefor the title for that worksheet is reduced down to the same width of the bar, which is not aesthetically pleasing. For the dashboard to function how the end users want it, I really need to retain the filtering capability - so highlighting or some other option probably won't work.


      I've read other forums where Tableau users have suggested creating a calculated field that would "swap" one sheet with another, but that doesn't seem to work with the dashboard filters, at least I can't figure it out. Unfortunately, because this is sensitive data, I can't share my workbook. However, I've included a screenshot below of the resizing issues I'm referring to. Any suggestions are appreciated.

      SALE_FULL WIDTH.jpgSales_Reduced Width.jpg