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    Showing all values on the axis which are not there in datasource

    satheesh reddy

      i think this a simple issue..but i am not able to do it...


      orders       delay by

      10                2 days

      7                  4 days

      26                 7 days

      11                1 day

      4                 5 days

      20                10+ days


      i have to show  all values of 'delay by' ( 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days,5 days, 6days, 7days,8days,9days,10+days)  on axis. in the above data i dont have 3days,6days,7days,8days bcoz there is no data with those values....

      but.i have to show all of them irrespective of data present or not. if there is no data for them the orders field should  show 0.   how to do that.