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    2018 Q1 Meeting Notes & Links

    Jeremy Poole

      So impressed by the turnout and engagement at last night's event. Great crowd for our two esteemed Zen Master speakers Ryan Sleeper and Matthew Chambers.


      Matt opened for us with an excellent talk on Custom Maps beyond "Show Me", highlight Tile Maps, Hex maps, Area Tile Maps, and even custom shapefiles along the way.

      All of the examples Matt discussed can be found in great detail on his blog at www.sirvizalot.com/

      Follow Matt on Twitter @sirvizalot


      Ryan followed up with his Tablueprints talk which highlights the Triple Crown framework for creating effective data visualizations.

      Ryan's blog can be found in great detail on his blog at www.ryansleeper.com be sure to register for the weekly emails. (every Tuesday at 10am)

      Follow Ryan on Twitter @ryanvizzes


      Looking forward to seeing what the coming months have in store for both of them as they embark on a new venture.


      Don't forget, Ryan will also be back in town mid-April for Tableau training, remember to use code CLTTUG when registering for a discount if you would like to attend. Sign-up is available on his website.


      For more info on the Zen Master program, or which both Matt and Ryan are current members, see Tableau's gallery here: Tableau Zen Masters


      As always, be sure to join this group and follow our Charlotte TUG twitter handle (@CLT_TUG) for updates on our next meetups.