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    SMTP Error

    Jérémie Blanchard

      Hello !
      I am trying to set up VizAlert in my company in order to be able to send PDF report by mail automaticaly. Even if I went through a lot of issues (Proxy Errors, tunnels creation) I managed to connect VizAlert to Tableau Server. But Now I want to connect VizAlert wit Gmail SMTP because I can't connect it to the SMTP of Tableau server. I have configured my YAML as follows :




      smtp.serv: smtp.gmail.com                      

      smtp.port: 465                                  

      smtp.address.from: myemail@gmail.com    

      smtp.address.to: myemail@gmail.com    



      smtp.subject: 'ALERT: VizAlerts failed to execute properly' 

      smtp.ssl: true                               

      smtp.user: myemail@gmail.com                            

      smtp.password: 'myPWD'


      But when I try to do a test_alert on tableau server and then re-launch vizalert.exe I get an empty error ..
      Any Advices ?




      Thanks in Advance !