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    Highlight multiples of a selected mark

    David Katz

      Hi, All --


      I have found this forum to be of great value and have learned a lot of techniques from reading the discourse.  I'm currently struggling with an issue that seems, from what I've read, to not be possible in Tableau, but I'd love to be proven wrong!


      I would like to be able to, upon clicking a mark, highlight all the multiples of that number in the present viz.  For instance, in the attached workbook, if I were to click on the number 10, I'd want the bars associated with (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) to be highlighted/selected.  I'm able to do this in the workbook by specifying a parameter to select the number (and an associated tolerance %, in case I'm close but not exactly at a multiple).  However, I need to be able to click an actual bar and have the highlighting occur based on multiples of what was clicked.


      I've tried doing this in multiple ways:  action filters, calculated fields, parameters, tooltips, etc.  Nothing seems to work.  I'd value any insights you could offer on this.


      I've attached a packaged workbook in version 10.5.  I'm using Tableau Desktop Pro.


      Many thanks,


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          Jim Dehner

          good morning David


          here is the calculation

                        if [Number]%[Selected Number] = 0 then 'yes' else 'no' end


          it returns this



          the calculation is Mudolo and this will explain how to use it


          Making Friends With Modulo %




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            David Katz

            Thanks for the quick response, Jim.  However, this doesn't address the issue I'm having.  I have already been using modulo in my "Set 1" definition in order to highlight the proper multiples when I set my Selected Number parameter manually.


            However, the issue I'm having is that I really don't want that Selected Number parameter to exist at all.  It only exists because I don't have the solution I need.


            I actually just want the user to click on a bar, and then the multiples of the clicked-on bar will be highlighted.




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              David Katz

              Since this problem appears to be intractable, let me ask the question in a different way:


              Is there any way to capture the value of a single mark that I highlight, such that I can create a dynamic set that is based on the value of that highlighted mark?