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    Aggregation on Calculated Measures which use Table Functions

    Aneerban Bhattacharjee

      I have a Case wherein we're using Tableau to create 3 Calculated Metrics:-


      In The above Formulae, Sequence Parameter and Min # of Contacts are User Driven Parameters and [D-T] is a measure. All these Measures are also to restart Calculation at a particular Dimension.

      The final Measure of New Calc is expected to give a 0 or 1 value based on the Parameter.


      While the Worksheet works with the logic, The required Dashboard needs a Aggregate Sum(New Calc) across all the dimensions but a creation of such a measure shows an error that New Calc is already an Aggregate and cannot be aggregated further.


      Using Windows_Sum(New Calc) gives erroneous results when trying to aggregate across levels( ex when we remove certain dimensions)


      Any idea on how to aggregate such measures?