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    How to Add a growth % arrow over a bar graph

    riju singh

      Hello everyone!I have created a dashboard depicting the sales for different companies for 2 years( something similar to the first image ).I have created a calculated field "growth %" which is calculated as [100*(sum(sales 2k18)-sum(sales 2k17))/sum(sales 2k17)].This is not the YOY growth as there are individual values given in the data source( excel file) for multiple companies ( no year or date fields) and I am using the sum to show it on the graph. Now i want to show the growth percentage which is calculated from the calculated field on top of the bar graph ( similar to the second picture). Is there any way that this can be done? I am a beginner at this and would gladly appreciate any help. Thanks!




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          Jyothisree Rayagiri

          You cannot have the lines exactly like you have shown in the picture but you can have a line graph above the bars to show the increase/decrease in the line

          For have your numbers at the top of the bars, just drop your measure to label mark.

          For the line graph to show change, drop your your growth% next to your measure, make it dual axis, and add a table calc to growth% - set to difference %

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            riju singh

            Thank you for the quick reply. I just want to know how to show the line graph for the growth increase or decrease above the bars. And I tried the dual axis method along with shapes, it is serving the purpose but it shows it as a separate column to the right of the bars. I want it on top of the bars. Any suggestion on how that can be done?1.PNG