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    Displaying two filtered measures in the same charts

    Dan Hunnewell

      Hi all,


      I am having difficulty putting together this line chart that features two filtered measures.


      I have provided a workbook containing the measure I am using. Below is issue I am running into and was hoping for any insight.


      Current chart:

      1. Displays current market share for Triumph motorcycles by week by the category "Classics"
      2. The goal would be to also layer in the same data for Triumph but by the Subcategory "1200 cc" for "Classics".


      So one line would display total Category share of "Classics" while the other line would display total share within "Classics" and the sub segment of "1200 cc".


      I cannot simply duplicate the "Sales % of Total" and add another filter since they are all global. How would one accomplish displaying a chart like the one described above?


      Thanks again for all of the help!