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    Calculation Help - Doing sum from multiple sources

    Vandana Samtani

      Hi All,



      Can you please let me know what I am missing in the calculation below?



      Data is coming from 2 different sources -



      Source 1  - We use the paid subs number of most recent date. The users has the flexibility to change the date range to get the number at that point of time.



      if  [Date] = {FIXED :MAX([Date])}

      THEN [Paid Subs]




      Source 2 - We use the #Customer number of most recent date. This data is stored on weekly basis and we filter on subscription category 'B'



      if [Report Start Date] = {FIXED :MAX([Report Start Date])} THEN [Customers]




      On the dashboard i need to sum both the sources.



      I need to sum both the numbers as of today but the users can also go back in time and check the numbers.



      This is the formula i am using



      sum([ Direct  Subs])+SUM([Sheet1 (Source2)].[Active Numbers])



      Questions  -



      1) I cannot put a where condition on source 2 in this formula to just give  the most recent number for category 'B'

      2) This should update with the date range "Today" or any date selection instead of today.



      Let me know if you have any suggestions.



      Attached is the workbook.