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    Does Anyone Know How to Redact an "AND/OR" Statement in Tableau?


      I need to write an "AND/OR" statement in Tableau, but I am not 100% sure how it's done. The one that I am using now (and that appears to be working) is the following:


      [Icd10 Code]="K02.52" OR

      [Icd10 Code]="K02.53" OR
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.62" OR
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.63" OR
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.9" OR
      [Icd10 Code]="Z01.21" OR
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.52" AND
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.53" AND
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.62" AND
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.63" AND
      [Icd10 Code]="K02.9" AND
      [Icd10 Code]="Z01.21"