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    Upgrade from Tableau Version 8 to version 10.3

    Ana McTester

      Does anyone know of any issues if we upgrade our Tableau Server from Version 8.x to Version 10.3?

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          Jim Dehner

          you are getting a LOT more functionality like LOD expressions but it you are upgrading why not go to 10.5 better mapping capability, hyper, worksheet in tooltip functionality just to mention a few


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            Jeff Strauss

            I second what Jim says.  go to 10.5.x, our org is awaiting the first patch (10.5.1) and then will proceed.

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              Mark McGhee

              Hi Ana,


              One possible gotcha is that in the transition from Tableau Server 8.x to 9.x we did introduce some additional processes.   Some of our customers discovered that their hardware resources may have been under-powered and had issues.   Going from 9.x to 10.x we didn't really introduce any other additional processes except with 10.5 we replaced "Data Engine" with "Hyper".  


              When an organization purchases Tableau Server it comes with a license key that allows for one Production environment and two non-Production environments.   If possible, I would think it worthwhile to upgrade one of your organizations non-Production environments to 10.5.x (10.5.1 should be out in about a week) for a chance to kick the tires.   Even better if the non-Production environment is close to same hardware specs as Production because that could help you avoid surprises.   It's probably not realistic to test *all workbooks* but if you target critical and/or Top 25 workbooks it can help make an upgrade transition a lot smoother.