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    Filter with user specific values does not work when using data source filter

    Dian Jiao

      I have created a user filter for a workbook so that each user is seeing data related to his company and not seeing somebody's else's. So "Login_Filter" is defined for each data source as follows:


      ISMEMBEROF("Group1") AND [company_num] = '0001' OR
      ISMEMBEROF("Group") AND [company_num] = '0002'


      Then filter on data source is created with "True" value. It works fine mostly when switching between user logins. However there is this worksheet where I have a filter "region" which has different values for different login groups. The region for "group1" have numeric values [1-7]


      and that for "group2" are all strings



      The view only displays when any of the region values is selected. But the values will be unselected when I switch to another user. In other word, If I check [1-7] for group1 user and then switch to a group2 user, all region values for group2 will be unchecked even if they were checked before. When I publish the workbook, the view only works with the group user I last edited and the other group will see blank view.


      How do I get this to work properly?