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    What do you do when you need to take a report offline to fix bad data?


      Surprised this has only recently come up at our org., but I'm wondering what everyone's practice is when they have a published report that is returning bad data.  Our current scenario is that a user has informed us we're missing data in a report, so we're working to edit the data source to correct the issue.  However, what do we do with the report in the meantime?  Moving it to a different Project won't accomplish a lot since the URL remains intact. 


      In a magically perfect Tableau World, I would click a button that said "display the following message when someone tries to access this view" - in this case my message would say "Oh no!  Bad Data ahead!  Once the Bad Data is destroyed this report will be back!".  Something like that to notify them that while yes the report is gone, we are working on it. 


      Since I don't personally live in this perfect Tableau World, I wonder what other people out there are doing?  Our first thought is to simply edit the title of the report to include a disclaimer such as "This report has been identified to have unreliable data, please check back later or send us an email ...." 


      I certainly don't want to remove the report from Server and republish.  I also don't want to have to remember to disable and re-enable extract refreshes.


      What are you guys doing in this scenario?!