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    Missing fields while creating a side-by-side chart

    Ramakant R

      hello there,


      as part of the #MMViz excercise, i'm trying to create a side-by-side chart of the gold medals won by men and women in each country. to create this chart I intend to create two seperate graphs for men and women, then reversing the axis for women and putting them side-by-side in a dashboard.


      however, the problem i'm facing is that the number of countries for men and women are not the same. For instance, Bulgaria has won a gold medal for women but none for men. Therefore, the side-by-side chart will not have the same number of countries. Does one have to create a dummy variable for this?


      In my mind for the case of Bulgaria, the side by side graph should 1 against women and none against men.


      here's what the table looks like. raw data is attached