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    unexpected error, unable to get property 'length' of unidentified or null reference

    gene shackman

      Anyone know what this means?


      "an unexpected error occurred

      unable to get property 'length' of unidentified or null reference"


      I load a workbook to our local server. It shows some characteristics by race/ethnicity, by age, by education, by geographic region. The default shows the characteristics by all those groups. I log onto the server and when I deselect one of those groups from a drop down, a box pops up showing the unexpected error.


      Unfortunately the workbook is a work in progress so I can't include it here. But maybe some clues showing what this error means. I think I attached the box with that error. This error shows up if others open my workbook on our server from their desktops. I do NOT get this error if I open other workbooks on the server. So there is something about this file. I also have tried using various versions of Tableau, including 10.3, 10.4.0, 10.4.1 (our server is currently on 10.4.0). I have Windows 7. I also tried publishing the workbook with data "live" and with data "extract", didn't seem to make any difference, although I haven't tried live vs extract in all the different versions of tableau.