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    Workbook Promotion Procedure

    Stephen Morgan

      Hi - could someone tell me the steps required to move a workbook from a test server to a production server for both .twb and .twbx files. Thanks.


      (Tableau 10.1)

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          Brandon Babbitt

          Hi Stephen,


          This article should help you out: Moving Individual Workbooks From One Server to Another Server



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            Hi Stephen,


            It depends upon couple of factors like:-


            • If your workbook is using published data sources , then you have to simply download it from Test environment , open it in Desktop and change your sign-in to Production and simply publish it in the relevant folder. Now for this approach to work, name of your published data source has to be same in both the environment else it will not automatically pick up the connection in production. So make sure that connection information is same in both the environments.
            • If your workbook has local / embedded data source , you have to change the connection information like server name , port number , login id and password to connect it to production and after that ideally it should be pointing to your production database.


            Let us know if it helps or in case you face any issues.