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    Automating tabjolt Process

    heli Shah



      We are moving to newer version of tableau and I am trying to use tabjolt for load testing. Till now I have performed commands manually but I would really like to automate the whole process. I am quite not sure how do I start creating scripts. Any help will be appreciated



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          Dinesh Kumar S R

          Hi Heli,


          You may create set of batch files based in your test requirement and looping them with each other will make the process run from top to bottom with a singe trigger.

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            heli Shah

            Yes I get that but I am quite not sure how do i insert different duration and users to the tabjolt commands and automate it?

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              Neelesh Kamkolkar

              Heli Shah,

              That is not supported from command line.


              Other load testing tools scale load generation via different "agents". In case of TabJolt, this is just another tabjolt instance but since each instance has it's own configuration, you can try separate installs or use multiple VMs. Then you can do automate per VM's. Not idea, but perhaps you can make it work across installs (multiple different directories) or VM's to simulate the notion of an 'agent'. From a single machine, only thing to be careful about is to make sure load generator machine is not saturating itself (so I would monitor CPU on the load generation machine as well). This could cause unexpected results.


              I haven't personally tried multiple instances of tabjolt on same machine(maybe someone in the community has), if that doesn't work, VM's should work.


              Good luck.