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    Action filter not working when I use sheet swapping

    Megha Bhatnagar

      Here is a mock setup pf my dashboard. I am using action filter to filter data on it. For eg:-

      If you would click on payer then seller, state lob etc would be filtered based on that.

      For a couple complex reasons I cannot only use "Use as filter"

      However I am unable to even click on the LOBs after I implemented sheet swapping (I had to implement swapping in the original dashboard due to difference in granularity of my data)

      Initially I used to be able to filter based on sheet swap but after using the sheet swap feature I cannot.


      2) Another thing that I am looking to implement in this is the usage of approximate numeric labeling. for e.g. instead of 10,905,177 just use 10.9M


      How can I make sure that action filters filter data even when swapped sheets are clicked.

      How can I format the numbering to look like 10M/10K etc in my dashboard


      I am attaching a packaged mock workbook