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    Air Quality Index of USA (Makeover Monday)

    Deepak Gupta


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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Deepak;

          This one was a little harder for me to understand than your previous two.

          • Loading was an issues for me-- maybe I'm the only one? It could be a matter of network traffic, too.
          • There seems to be a some discrepancy with the labels where they're sneaking up into the the data. This (and the foreshortening of others) makes them a wee bit difficult for my old eyes to read. Maybe you could scoot these down?
          • The "selector" also seemed a little out of place... but this just may be an issue with my monitor.
          • I think you could improve upon the heat map by using a hex map:
            • States would be colored from best to worst, and ranked, based on the time period the user requests.
            • You could use the new 10.5 Graph-In-Tooltip feature to show a graph of the state over time, vs. average.
            • The map makes the user's state easier to track down.
          • What's up with Wyoming? All those geysers blasting CO2?!?


          Thank you for sharing. --Michael