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    Bike Theft Cases Reported in UK

    Deepak Gupta


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          Michael Hesser

          This looks great!

          A few suggestions:

          • You might consider dropping the "on or near" part in your heat map, as it appears to be present in all of them and ultimately obscures the location from the viewer.
          • Your heat map and calendar share the same colors, which might suggest to a viewer the colors are linked. Can you use a second palette?
          • It would be curious to see what % of bike thefts go unsolved... I bet it's a huge number!
          • The calendar shares an action with the heat map and map, but we don't have a similar action between the heat map and map... I'd be interested in seeing that (e.g. the locations for the most theft-prone supermarkets).
          • When I deselect a month (to see the entire year), the heat map shows not only places (stores) but street addresses where thefts took place. This made it a little difficult for me to read. Perhaps you could add radio buttons to toggle on the heat map between Stores/Addresses/Both?


          Thanks for reading-- this was a very fun viz to explore! Michael