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    Blending Data from Multiple Data Sources in One Worksheet- Not Filtering Correctly

    Ben Perlman

      I have one table in a worksheet that combines multiple measures from 3 different data sources.  They all filter to Client Name.


      When I use different worksheets in a dashboard from 3 data sources, I can filter to client name and have the measures for each populate for the client name selected.  I can select multiple clients and have the 3 populate to sum the measures of the multiple clients selected.


      However, when I have the 3 datasources blended in one worksheet, I can't get the 3 to filter to client name unless I have the "client name" in the rows.  This won't work if I have to sum up the stats for multiple clients together.  Please see screenshots below for details.  I need to sum up the 3 stats based on the client(s) that are selected, so that the numbers total for the client name without having to have 3 separate client name filters in the worksheet.





      If I add a filter for "Client Name" from each worksheet, i get 3 separate filters, and cannot have one filter for all 3:



      This is how I have the data blended: