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    How to fetch huge lines of data using getUnderlyingDataAsync()

    Dinesh Sundaraneedi

      We are using Tableau 10.2 and facing the application crash issue when trying to fetch data from an activesheet, while setting maxRows to zero in options.
      Able to fetch 22000 records when we set maxRows to 22000, above 22000 value we are facing either timed-out or application crash.
      Can someone help, how to proceed with this scenario.


      var _options = {

                  maxRows: 0,

                  ignoreAliases: false,

                  ignoreSelection: false,

                  includeAllColumns: true



      activeSheet.getUnderlyingDataAsync(_options).then(function(t) {
      var data = t.getData(); 
      var columns = t.getColumns();