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    Queue length without SQL

    Mark Stoutjesdijk

      Hi all,


      First time here on the forum, from the looks of it a great community with answers to even the trickiest problems! I thought I'd post a challenge that I have regarding queue lengths. Queue length has been discussed before in the forum (e.g. How can you calculate queue length using Tableau? ) but the solution required custom SQL and since I use Desktop personal edition, that's not an option.


      In the attached xlsx is a list of anonymised patients who arrive at a radiology department (Arrival), then an Activity is performed at time Start. The patient leaves at End. The actual data is much bigger with multiple rooms, but I don't think that's needed here.


      How can I find the queue length in the waiting room and, in a similar way, the number of patients that are being examined at any time? Granularity should be by the minute.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Chris McClellan

          Interesting post ....


          This is what I did, hopefully it's what you're after but please tell me if I've missed something:


          - create a new workbook

          - connect to the spreadsheet

          - create the "As at" parameter

          - create the calculated fields

          - create a testing sheet to see that everything is working properly

          - created the other 2 sheets to show the data


          change the parameter to see the data at any minute in time.


          Is this what you were after ?

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            Mark Stoutjesdijk

            Thanks for the quick reply Chris.

            Well, I'm looking to report on queue length throughout time, in order to find seasonal/weekly/daily patterns. I'm not sure how to define the calculated fields for that, and I'm also not sure if a parameter to find the actual queue length will allow me to plot the queue length against time.

            Could you let me know which calculated fields you use?