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    Comparing performance based on Partner change

    Borislav Zlatkov



      I am working for a SaaS vendor and I would like to analyse our partners' performance in a given quarter following this logic:

      • each partner (think distributor/reseller) starts the quarter with a batch of deals that are about to expire;
      • throughout the quarter the end user may opt to change partner;
      • thus, if the existing (= initial) partner remains the same (= new), then there's been no change and this is reflected in the [Incumbent] calculated field in the attached workbook.


      However, a partner may change and this will result in either a win or a loss to the existing partner. So, what I am hoping to achieve is this:

      • have a selector to choose a partner entity (ideally something independent from either the Existing or the New Partner fields);
      • if the [Existing Partner] = "Selected Partner" AND [New Partner] <> "Selected Partner" THEN 'LOST'
      • conversely, if [Existing Partner] <> 'Selected Partner' and [New Partner] = "Selected Partner" THEN 'WON'


      In Excel this is pretty easily accomplishable with a SUMIFS formula, but I can't figure out how to perform this comparison in Tableau. Would you be willing to help me out, please?


      Thank you!