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    Generating Box Plot "Subtotals" and "Totals"?


      So, adding subtotal and total bars to bar charts is easy-as-pie with Tableau, but is there a way to do something similar for box plots?


      For example, one of Tableau's Box Plot examples looks like this:


      So, how would one add "subtotal" box plots across regions (e.g., Consumer - All Regions), and a "grand total" box plot across all segments and regions?


      Things are different for box plots, of course, so I understand why the subtotal/total features are grayed out for box plots, but any thoughts on how one could create "summary" box plots?


      Are there any built-in Tableau features for this, or would this be accomplished by generating additional data for any subtotals/totals one wants to see - e.g., copy the rows for consumer central/east/south/west and replace the regions with "All"?


      And if replicating data is the way to go, can this be done by Tableau during data import, or is it best done outside of Tableau (e.g., with the data extract query/code)?


      Thanks for your thoughts on this!