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    Error Parsing Preferences

    Teresa Wright

      A few days ago, I upgraded to Tableau 10.4.  Now I am getting this error pop-up each time I open a workbook.


      screen shot 1.jpg


      I have not changed anything on my preferences, and it worked fine in 10.3.  Can anyone tell me what is causing this issue?


      screen shot 2.png



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          Jeff D

          Hi Teresa,


          This line:


          <color-palette name="New Colors" type="regular">


          looks like it uses "smart quotes" (as if you had edited this in a word processor) rather than regular double quotes.  If you look really closely, you'll see that the double quotes look different.  The solution is to replace them using a text editor such as Notepad rather than copying them from an email or a word processor.  Or you can just copy the line above (in my response).

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            Teresa Wright

            Hi Jeff.  I tried copy/pasting the line in your post but I am still getting the same error.  Could there be something else wrong?  Also, why wasn't I having this problem with 10.3?  I have not touched my preferences in nearly a year.



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              Jeff D

              Hi Teresa, It's hard to see exactly what's in the file based on the screenshot.  Can you attach the file?  If not, try replacing all the single and double quote characters (using Notepad).  Alternatively, try to narrow down the error by removing a handful of lines at a time until the error goes away, then adding them back, in order to locate the problematic line (or lines).  The error message seems quite specific about the problem, so this should (in theory!) be easy to solve.