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    Link to download workbook

    Varun Singh

      Hello -

      Let me know, if anyone has tried this out.


      I create a workbook but want to have it as a background task and never let user have it visible. I create a download link in the workbook , when user click the download link it should download the workbook as crosstab?


      Can anyone help on this idea?



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          Wilson Po

          Hi Varun,


          You should be able to do this by simply appending the ".csv" to the end of the crosstab worksheet URL:

          https://<Server Name>/#/views/<Workbook Name>/<Worksheet Name>.csv


          The user trying to download this file must be logged in and have permission to see the worksheet - as this content is still managed by Server, it will still check authorization to see if content should be loaded and whether to present authentication challenge.  That said, this strategy will work great if users already have SSO configured which may help with authentication.  The new URL is really just a different way to expose a worksheet request, so the user is still interacting with Server even if they are not going through the traditional VizPortal UI. 


          Alternatively, I would just schedule routine exports of the worksheet via Tabcmd and host the exported csv in a file store that permits download from browser.  This other method involves a bit more scripting to accomplish and might be less secure, but in some cases this seems to be desired goal.  Exporting a CSV of Underlying Data Using Tabcmd Export or Get | Tableau Software

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            Varun Singh

            This was super helpful. Thanks

            While working on this I did come across one more question. What If before download I have a action filter and download should filter once action filter is performed ?