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    Tableau Linux on Storage Area Network (SAN)?

    Mark Wu

      Did anyone install Tableau Linux server with file store on Storage Area Network (SAN)? 

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Mark,


          Anecdotally, I haven't run into any installs on SAN in either beta or production release. But I can say that we've seen customers install on lower tier SAN disks and experience significant performance issues - up to the point of Tableau Server not being able to start successfully - due to the disk latency that caused. If you do install on SAN, I'd use Tier 0 or Tier 1 only. It's not something that's been fully tested/vetted by Tableau's Development team - but I've seen customers make it work. The caveat being if you start seeing disk permission/latency/perf issues, installing Tableau Server in a non-SAN environment might end up being one of the troubleshooting steps to rule it out as part of the underlying issue.

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            Mark Wu

            I agree with Tier 0 SSD SAN. I think that Tableau Dev Team should benchmark on Tier 0 SSD SAN vs. local SSD driver for Tableau Linux server perf.


            For those who are not familiar with Storage Tiers. Here is one simple picture....