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    Tableau Server - Postgres DB - Find views or data sources with expired credentials

    Wes Reneau

      Hi All,


      My organization is about to upgrade to 10.5 and I'm wanting to cleanup each of our sites. We have over 1000 views and over 200 data sources with publishers on various teams, some of which have forgotten about upkeep or have moved on. There are live direct connection data sources and extracts. How can I find out which views/data sources have expired credentials? I realize I could find which extracts are failing and then have to tie them back to a workbook, but how can I check the ones that are live connections?

      Sending an email to the publishers without a list of offending views/sources doesn't seem ideal as I won't be able to monitor cleanup progress easily at this scale and it wouldn't be easily repeatable.


      Does anyone have a workbook or view they would kindly share using the Postgres DB?


      We are currently using Tableau Server 10.0.