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    Configuration YAML file for multiple MongoDB connections

    Alena Malaichuk

      Hi all!


      I'm now investigating MongoDB BI Connector 2.3 (Tableau Desktop 10.3, Windows Server 2012). I have already configured and installed mongosql service and successfully connected via Tableau. The content of config file is the following:



        logAppend: true

        path: "D:\\logs\\mongosqld_log.log"

        verbosity: 5


        path: "D:\\schemas\\schema.drdl"



        port: 3307


          mode: allowSSL

          PEMKeyFile: "D:\\mongosqld-server.pem"


        enabled: true



          uri: mongodb://mongohost.example.com:27018


      Now I want to be able to connect from one Tableau Server to several MongoDB servers with different databases and collections.

      What I tried to do:

      - 2 configs for install --config command did not work for me.
      - Also I tried to 'duplicate' keys in config file - there were 2 blocks of code like above for 2 db - but only second 'section' from config was working

      - uri like  uri: mongodb://mongohost1.example.com:27018,mongohost2.example.com:27016  also didn't work - only second host was available

      - tried to add in configuration file arrays and sequences but without any success - may be my syntax was wrong


      Can you please suggest something? May be someone can share an example of such config for several mongo servers?

      Appreciate your help.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Hello Alena,


          The to connect to MongoDB an additional layer is needed to help Tableau connect to the NoSQL db. The portion that you are configuring is actually something that was built by MongoDB and not tested by Tableau. I would reach out to MongoDB to ask the best method for configuring multiple servers for the Tableau connection.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Matt Shoemaker

            Hi Alena,


            You can try running separate instances of the mongosqld service and make them available via separate URI's.  Then see if you can create a data source in Tableau across each of the instances using a cross-database join.  That should give you access to all of your MongoDB instances in a single Tableau data source.  Disclaimer:  I have not tried running multiple services myself but I was considering this approach at one time and on-paper it seems like it should work.


            Just FYI,  In general, I have found that the MongoDB BI connector works well with cross-database joins to both Postgres and Redshift instances.