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    REGEX like condition - in calculated field

    Harikrishnan N

      Dear All,

      Using Tableau desktop 10.4

      All i need is to eliminate certain rows where a column has  certain pattern in second and third position.


      In oracle i achieved it using   NOT LIKE '_AA%'    --> which will eliminate rows which has values is second and third position as 'AA'.


      How can i bring the same in TABLEAU, based on this i need to create a calculated field which will divide my two fields for which the third column where it IS NOT LIKE '_AA%'.


      Tried regex but it returns only null, but values are present.


      IF ATTR(REGEXP_MATCH([Column3],'[A-za-z09][A][A][A-za-z09]+'))

      then SUM([Colmun1])/SUM([Colmun2])