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    Does Hyper Format Not Allow Calculated Fields?

    Simon Niffenegger

      After having defined a simple calculated field (difference of two fields) I am not able to store the workbook as an extract (.hyper) and keep the calculated field in this extract. Opening the extract reveals that the calculated field has gone. Please have a look at the .twb-file/.twbx-file in the attachment from which I would like to generate an extract (.hyper). And please have a look at the generated .hyper-file which does not contain the calculated field anymore.

      Thank you.


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          Rohan Thakral

          I have been facing the same issue. It's funny how nobody has been able to answer this question in almost an year. I have a csv file which i'm using to create an extract. I've followed same steps twice - Once using Tableau 9.3 to create TDE extract and once using Tableau 10.5 to create HYPER extract. I'm able to see calculated fields in TDE extract but not in HYPER. Does HYPER not allow calculated fields to be stored in the extract? If not, then what's the alternative.