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    How to get column Grand total showing the correct number?

    Susie Tao

      Hi guys,


      This is my first time posting a question there, the community forum has been such a great resource for me learning and working with Tableau.

      Recently I'm working on building a complex text table, it's basically to display the average weekly value of 12 trending month for regions and local clients, and also the percentage difference from previous month.


      Here comes my hangups, I need to add a column grand total for each month at the end, I can get the correct number for the weekly avg of each month but just turn on Total using Sum, but seems like the corresponding % difference is calculated based on the value if I just turn on Total - Automatic. I've read several posts like

      Why Your Grand Total or Subtotal Isn't Working as Expected but failed to find an answer. I get that since the field I need to total up is an aggregated field -SUM(sales)/COUNTD(weeks) - and the % difference is a table calculation based on the agg filed. My question is is it possible that I can get those two subtotal value show up correctly?


      Any help/suggestions will be appreciated!! Thanks.

      Since my workbook is connected to live data source restored on Tableau Server. If my description doesn't explain the situation clear enough, I will post a sample workbook.